South Coast Skindivers Club Inc is situated on the south coast of NSW. A great club with a history spanning over 50 years. 


South Coast Skindivers Club is also known as the Barracuda's.

Barracuda's are based in the Illawarra with members living in various locations including Sydney the Shoalhaven. Most organised dive events are held between Sydney and Ulladulla with an annual event at Eden also on the calendar. 

We have a strong committee and membership focused on providing access to ethical and safe spearfishing. The Barracuda's are also active in supporting and promoting the sustainability of spearfishing. 

The Barracuda's are proud to be part of the Southern Zone in NSW.

Working together with Revesby Workers Spearfishing Club, our Zone is progressive and hosts 2 major competitions on the South Coast each year, The South Coast championships and The Far South Coast Spearfishing Championships.

The Barracuda's are also proud convenors of the 3 Way State Spearfishing Titles, also more recently known as The Eden Challenge.

Eden, in particular is one the hottest competitions, not just on the east coast but possibly  in Australia. It is unique in that it is a one day event, fast and fantastic. Held over the June Long weekend, this winter event provides unique conditions and prolific species which is quite unique to other championship events in Australia.

We have a number of top divers in our midst and South Coast Skindivers have been awarded the Premier Club in NSW on more than 1 occasion. This is awarded according to points acquired in major competitions. We are a club that nurtures junior competitors and this is evident by our strong divers in the junior, intermediate levels. 

More information is available on the New Members page.