Bendalong Taylor Shield, 


Nice kingy, Bendalong



Jess & Clay with their tuna

Peter Greed with 2 of his 4 snapper

Lardy with a nice leather jacket. Lardy is becoming much more active, not just in the water but also assisting Higgo with the USFA newsletter.

Ellis with a nice kingy caught off Currarong, January.

Higgo with a nice fat lip, compliments of a pesky blue bottle.



No reports since last year on any new challengers for the most meritorious fish

Next Taylor Shield comp is Ulladulla Feb 6th 2011. 

-looking for a dive buddy? sms club members




 To see the latest news, photos and competition updates go to our Facebook page. There's always lots of happening.Below are some archived club news that you might still find interesting.


Welcome all Barra's to another year with some exciting comps on the calendar. Hopefully we will see better conditions this year than in 2012. Taylor Shield events were cancelled in Apirl, (Bermagui), May (Gunnamutta), October, (Kiama), November (Bendalong). All were cancelled due to poor conditions. The pattern seems to have been that spring and autumn were the least friendly to our sport.

Summer seems to have been kinder with some members travelling to South West Rocks and Coffs Harbour and landing some decent fish. The water temperature up north is definately warmer than the last couple of years and this is helping to bring the pelagics in chasing bait fish.


Out & About During Summer

Wazza. (left) landed this nice black drummer off Bass Point mid January it weighed in at 4.2kg gutted and gilled. He also bought in a couple of nice lobsters to keep the family happy.

Jack & Joe had a few days out off Coffs Harbour in late December, trying one last effort to win the Ray Schmidt Most Meritorious Bluewater Fish Trophy.  Currently it looks like Jack may take out this coveted award with his 22kg black marlin taken at South West Rocks.

Unfortunately the conditions were dirty but they managed a couple of small kingies. Joe got a nice jewy about 10kg and Joe also landed a new club record for a golden trevally at 3.25kg

Anthony and Peter, (right)  attended the 61st Australian National Titles, held in Sydney in January 2013. The event was well supported by South Coast members and the top 10 positions were hotly contested with an interstate competitor taking out first place.





 A new challenges Hi all clubbies to some news updates. 
Hope everyone had a safe and happy break over the Christmas, New Year period. The first Taylor Shield for 2012 is just around the corner so sharpen those spears and check your rubbers we're in for a big year.
The President's Challenge is about to commence on the 1st February and will run until 31st December 2012 so find out which team you are on and how it is going to be held. Full information is on the page, President's Challenge.
Joe and Jack attended the NSW State Titles (2011) held in January, Boat Harbour, Port Stephens. After three postponements last year, due to poor conditions it finally went ahead but with only a small field and for only one day because...of well, you guessed it, bad conditions.
The kingies have been around    chasing bait fish over summer so some members have been having a great time getting out there amongst it.  The photo on the right shows Jack, Wazza and Ryan after a morning down south.
Two new club records have been recorded with a bonito 5.495kg caught by jack in late October.  a wahou was also landed by Wazza, size yet to be confirmed ie Joe lost it.
King Neptune Day / Zone Presentation was held in December at Currarong. A great day was had by all and it was pretty good turnout with around 35 attending. Everyone had great fun with the games and the tossing of the speargun a popluar event with Gary Crawford of RWC taking out the challenge. Of course the kids had as much fun as the adults even though the gun was bigger than they were.
The tug-o-war was hotly contested with the 2 mens teams lasting for what seemed like an eternity. The rope moved little for several minutes with an enthusuastic crowd cheering them on and local beach goers having a laugh.
Club Fees for 2012 are NOW due, please pay Wazza before Ulladulah, Feb comp. 
2011 Club Presentation will be held Wednesday 29th February 2012, at Warilla Sporties Club, 7pm meal with presentation at 8pm.  A club meeting will follow.
2012 Canada Cup  is set down for 11th & 12th February, at Terrigal Haven, more details on the Sea Lions website
2010 Club Presentation (yes it is a bit late)
Wednesday 6.30pm July 27th
Warilla Sporties 
2010 members will receive a complimentary meal. Guests are welcome, but will have to pay for their own meals. This is an unusual time for the presso however we have had so many majors and other commitments we have not been able to fit it in before now.  We will plan the 2011 presentation for a different time of year.
Social Dives
Sunday 20th November 2011 - Currarong
These dates and venues have been selected to provide an opportunity for our social members to come along and dive a couple of areas that are popular for competition as well as having some great fish. The dates fall a couple of weeks prior to the Taylor Shield being held at these locations allowing for scouting as a bonus to any Taylor Shield competitors who wish to come along.
A number of boat rides will be available for those wishing to take part. Please contact Joe on his mobile as it will be first in, first in the boats. This is a great chance for rock hoppers to jump in with experienced boat divers to get a feel for this style of diving. 
NSW State Championships
Once more the comp had to be postponed due to poor comnditions. It is now rescheduled for the October long week end.
King Neptune Social Day
King Neptune Day was great fun last year even though it poured with rain. We will be again getting together towards the end of the year, probably early December but more information will be coming soon.
Watz been happenin', from Joe

Winter is upon us and this year it's an ugly one with strong winds
and large swells, but in between are rare calm days and there are fish to be had.

The Far South Coast Championships were decided in only one day and ran from Bermagui due to large swells. We managed to sneak in Eden as well, in between bad weather. This leaves some good days to mention.

We ran another social dive at Kiama which was hit by cold water but
the divers still managed a feed. We plan another couple of social dives, one being at Ulladulla on 21stof September two weeks before the Taylor Shield is held there. We have found by hosting a social dive in a way that it offering boat rides for social members who usually rock hop.
It can be used as a scoping opportunity for an upcoming competition we can encourage more interest from club members and it works out good for us too.

You know the best thing I have done is join a spearfishing club,
(and I have been a member for 30ish years now). Being a club member gives you access to lots of knowledge and helps to build friendships with lots of mates that share your passion for hunting fish. 
These days I get messages with pictures every week showing great
captures and offers to chuck a sicky and go out for the day. One great picture I received recently was from fellow clubbie Peter Greed, who speared 4 great snapper, one being 7.4kg off J.B. Just where at JB? ....Come on, there are some things even mates don't share. Photo on the home page.

Another great capture this month was Clay & Jess Falzon hitting
the tuna. Jess speared 8kg albacore followed the next day by Clay with a 23kg blue fin tuna and Jess a 21kg, (nothing like your own kid showing you up!) So we have 2 new club records and a submission for the most meritorious fish for the year. You can see one of Clays tuna on the home page.

Then I get a call from Steve at Narooma, the Bluefin were going
crazy. So I make the trip down with Ellis, 3am start to the day, out to the shelf, we drift, we burley but things have gone quiet overnight. We only catch one sighting and the fish just aren't eating the burley. The day before they had them at the back of the boats going for it. How many times have you heard "should have been here yesterday!" oh well, that's fishing.

One day I'll be there yesterday.

See Ya , Joe_


Club Meetings
May 25th, Wenesday 7pm, Warilla Sporties
June 29th, Wednesday, 7pm Warilla Sporties
A busy time of year for barra's. Only a matter weeks now till our biggest competition of the year, Eden 3 Way State Titles. We will all be watching the weather forecasts with baited breath as we do every year at this time. We will be missing a number of key helpers this year so all club members are being asked, very nicely, but firmly to help out at Eden. Your committee has been working hard for around 2 months already so all we ask is that you do your bit to help this event run smoothly. Wazza will be sending out a sms to ask each member to commit to what they will do to help. You will need to be involved if you would like your club fees in 2012 to be paid by the club.
The Eden presentation will not have an organised meal this year. We have had trouble securing a suitable venue that can both feed us and still leave room for the prizes etc we need laid out for the presso. We hope to rectify this in 2012 by booking a venue now, however this year the best option is for competitors to organise their own dinners either at the country club or elsewhere, either before or after the presentation. It is likely a large group of South Coast Members will book a table in the country club bistro to continue on after a big day. 
Club Presentation
A decision will be finalised at the May club Meeting about our club presso so check in here for updates.

 April update

so, watz been happening-

..all is in full swing to get Narooma and Eden organised. Please come to meetings if you can help in some way. ( Actually we expect all members to help out). We have FSCC under control with it only being 1 week away. A long range forecast shows a low pressure system moving our way so we hope it doesn't effect the comp too much.

ZONE presso is being held on Saturday night at the Narooma Golf Club, so be sure to grab a meal and head upstairs. It was decided this was a good way of making the most of all the members being at one place to make it easy for all to attend.

EDEN COMP organising is underway & for all who don't realise the registration form is now on this website for download and you can register & pay early. Saves a bit of running around and lining up on Saturday Arvo at Eden + you'll be guaranteed to get your event shirt.

EDEN Sponsorships need to be finalised by May 7th so we can get the t-shirt design finalised so please chase up those businesses/friends.

Club t-shirts & jackets are available for order. I am just checking on the price. You can order via email to Mary at Order is expected to take around 3 - 4  weeks. You will be required to pay Wazza before he will hand over the item. I will have the price hopefully by Narooma so you can also order from me down there.

next club meeting April - 27th 7pm at the Sporties.


watz been happening - January 29th 2011

Well the water is warmer, around 22 degrees off Bassy, a few kingy's have come in this summer - I even heard about a black marlin being hooked off Shellharbour so who knows what the coming weeks will offer.  Thanks to higgo for sending a few pics for the website.

Over Christmas a terrible few weeks of rough & dirty water prevented much happening in the water. A few points of interest above water level-

- Wazzas new boat has arrived and is currently receiving her final touches, he hopes to have it ready for Ulladulla. I know a few people who are keen to see how she rides in the water.

- The new Currarong boat ramp is now operational however comments I have heard include; traffic will bank up if people are not considerate of other users due to the design of the led up to the ramps, also it could still be a bit of a challenge in extreme tides because of the shallow water, but all in all it is an improvement.

- Joe has been nominated for a club life membership and a vote will be held at the February club meeting. for those who don't realise Joe has been a continuous club member for 25 years+ and has been president for the past 8 (or more) years. Among all the other jobs he does regularly for the club, he has also been instrumental in supporting our young divers by having them in his boat during competition and offering guidance, (& sharing his secret spots!).

-Higgo had a close encounter of the tentacle kind in December, see the picture on this page. We won't tell you what they were going to use for a warm liquid to reduce swelling, they ended up using a cup of tea! very creative boys.

-The reviews for JB and Solitary Islands Marine Parks have been released and should be in place before the elections. we have a reasonable result from JB - not sure about the Solitaries as yet. Thanks to all who sent in their submissions that helped in getting the result.

- The next USFA magazine is in the pipeline. Our own Higgo is doing a great job as editor, so please help him out if you have any good pics or ideas for article.

- We will be starting to plan Far south coast champs & Eden at the next meeting. We are considering putting a pull out registration form for eden in the USFA magazine so that we can run early bird sign ons. Can't remember whose idea this was but it is a good one. Remember we need sponsors for both comps as early as possible.

- South Coast Championships are just around the corner, 12th & 13th March at Husky. this is a zone run competition, Details will be available soon.

Please send me more pictures and stories to

Also it is now a new season for largest of species so everything is up for grabs but YOU MUST CLAIM IT- IT IS NOT DONE AUTOMATICALLY.  

Please don't send Joe photos on his mobile because I don't get them, hint, hint, nudge nudge.

 Australian National Titles - (held December 2010) 

The 2011 aussie titles were held early December in Queensland. Our club was well represented by Wazza, Ryan & John Schulter. They did us proud as you can see by the results below. Huge congratulations to Pucko who took our 1st place open division, with Adam coming 2nd & Roso coming in 3rd. Great job.
 Open division: Ian Puckeridge

Junior division: Jordan MacNeill

Fin swimming: Matt Ludbrooke

Film fishing: Paul Roso

Super diver: Paul Roso

Interpacific pairs: Adam Smith & Drew Fenney

State team: NSW (Ian Puckeridge, Paul Roso, Ryan Schulter & Warren Carter)

Largest fish (Junior): Jordan MacNeill 21.6 kg Giant Trevally

Largest fish (Open): John Schulter 15 kg Spanish Mackerel

Most meritorious: Luke Randall 1.7kg Torpedo Scad


Ok, so it has been a few weeks, oops months, since I have updated  the web site so please forgive me. You all know how crazy life can get with workand family. any way lets start with a couple of breaking news stories---

BARRA'S ARE AWESOME - but you knew that already, but did you realise how well our members competed at the NSW State Titles last weekend? (Sept 25/26th).

Ryan Schulter took out overall state champion - BIIIG CONGRATS RYAN!

Riley took out junior champion in his first year of competitive spearfishing - a great effort - & Joe claimed the veterans champion prize after - well - many years of competitive spearfishing, onya baby. Barra's also claimed pairs champs and two thirds of the 3 man team championship with Garth of RWC helping out.

With poor viso and the dreaded'taxman" ( a seal guarding the exit) - it was a tough dive. Only small quantities of fish came in due to the poor conditions but this is the nature of serious competition and a rock hop event certainly evens the field. All in all a great week end was had and a big thanks to Justin and the metro zone for hosting a well run comp.


King Netune Fun Day & Social Dive

Oct 24th (Sun)

meet at 8am for a social dive

12 midday for BBQ lunch (provided by club)

1:30pm for a visit from King Neptune for the kids & Games for everyone including a monster tug-o-war

  Bring the dive gear

 Bring the kids (& the mrs)

 Join us for a great fun day with the family 

Prizes biggest bream, biggest mowie & biggest luderick

($50 BCF vouchers)

 + THE tug-o-war challenge + games + lollies for the kids + maybe a challenge or 2 for you spearo's

 All food & soft drinks provided for this end of year get - together - this will be last social dive of 2010

 RSVP - For catering purposes - ring Joe 0418740266   by   17th October   


Club shirts are now available from Wazza for those who have already ordered.


Have you claimed your fish records?

Remember if you caught a fish eligible for our largest in species , you must claim it - it will not be done automatically by the sports secretary. Please contact Joe or Ryan S, if you think you have caught a bigger fish than these listed below. 




Club Member





Leatherjacket Joe - deep body


Morwong Ben - blue


Luderick Jack



Rock Blackfish Ben


Most Meritorious B/Water  Wazza - cobia


Most meritorious per scoresheet Clay - snapper

4.7kg (235pts)

Biggest fish

Jess - Y'tail kingfish



club news may 1st 2010

Well, Narooma comp has come and gone and not without incident. The comp itself ran really well with a good turnout, 53 competitors and 8 of them rock hopping. Jack came home as champion after top scoring on both days,even though he was injured on Sunday. We had a couple of injuries through minor mishaps in boats. A timely reminder that even though the conditions were good the ocean demands respect and we can never forget that in this sport.

By far the worst incident at this comp and indeed at any comp for quite a while, involved Wazzas' boat capsizing. It was an accident, pure and simple. We all feel for Wazza and his crew and a huge akcnowledement to them for keeping their heads and doing everything right in a challenging situation. Praise has come from the local community about how cool these guys were and how well they handled the incident. 

As major event organisers and as a club it has brought home a couple of things we can do to assist the situation in case of an unforseeable emergency such as this. We discussed some ideas at the recent club meeting and we have come up with a UV rated plastic plaque for each boat that will have the contact numbers for coastal patrols/coat guards, from Tweed Heads to Eden.

Club boats will recieve these at or before Eden, no charge. Stick them on your boat dash or somewhere easy to see. At least in an emergency you will have a direct number to ring if you are able to use your mobile. Also at majors all competitors will be given a phone number for the local coast guard / coastal patrol and advised to put it into their mobile phones. As we have discovered 000 is probably not the best number to ring in such a situation.

Competiting boats will be asked, strongly - to have boat radios turned on during comps. A channel will be allocated at roll call. This way at least a boat in distress has a chance of contacting another competing boat, especially those boats with a boaty. 

Organisation for Eden comp is now in full swing, check out the Eden page for full details. Major points are that we were unable to organise a charity for the fish auction so fish will be taken home by competitors. Also the presso has moved to the Country Club, we really didn't have a lot of choice but it looks like they will take care of us.

Sponsorhsip is going well with a couple of Eden businesses coming through this year, thanks to Brett Thirkell for chasing this up. We currently have about $3 000 promised so keep on hitting up any businesses or individuals that you think may be interested. If you need an letter with info for sponsors contact me and I will email it to you. We need min of $5 000 in prizes.

Thanks , Mary


check out info on the new Baracuda's social club

Febuary 2010

Well, not a great start to the comp year with the first Taylor Shield for 2010 being cancelled due to big seas. Pity, cause Ulladulla is a favourite spot for many. We had 3 new members who were to be christened at this competition so I feel pretty bad for them. If all goes well we look like having 2 new juniors and a new sub junior joining us... and we all love those points from junior fish.

It's great to share knowledge and experience with the young guys starting out. As always we encourage all members to support any new members as this is where the future of Barra's lays. Do you remember your first weigh-in?

Sydney Cup was held 16th/17th Jan and they had 43 sign - on. Barra's had 6 competitiors and of these 3 finished up in the top 10. Congrats to Ryan S who come in 3rd overall, not bad considering Pucko absolutely smashed first place. Wazza came in 7th and Joe came in 9th. (Aaron C., Newcastle Neptunes, came in 2nd overall.)

Joe will organise a social dive when the weather clears so keep an eye out for a sms message.

Don't forget to claim possible fish records for club and state.

Canada Cup is on 13th/14th Feb, held at Terrigal as always, hosted by Sydney Metro Zone.

Australian National Titles is being held 21st-27th Feb on the Mornington Peninsula, Vic.

Nelson Bay Big Fish Comp, 27th Feb from Shoal Bay Boat Ramp.


Above - Ryan & Wazza, keeping busy over the break.
For more pics go to "Photo Album"

 Welcome to the new decade. new year,  a new comp year and a new southern zone competition. Sydney Cup is being held this coming weekend, water temp is not too bad, weather looks OK for Sat, maybe a bit breezy on Sunday but we shall wait and see what fish come in.
"Bits & Pieces"
-First Taylor Shield competition is to be at Ulladulla, Feb 7th. 

- Club business cards are now available to hand out to potential club members, if you don't have any yet, see Joe.

- No club meeting in January, next meeting is Wed 24th Feb, 7pm at Warilla Sporties.


"Dolphins Spotted in the Southern Zone"

We will be welcoming a new-ish club to the zone this year with San Souci Dolphins setting up a sub-club with a few members, who will be competing in the Southern Zone for 2010. This will make for a very competitive year within the top rankings. More details will be shared at the club meeting I'm sure but for now we know of only about 3 dolphins heading our way. They will have their own president and safety officer seperate from the Sydney club to keep things running smoothly. Good luck to the boys they have put a bit of thought and commitment into making this happen so we wish them well....we just hope they don't mind swimming behind the barras on the home stretch, hey Wazza, Jack and Ryan.

"Coffs Harbour Spearos Made Me Welcome, but the bloody fish didn't." by Joe.

I'vefamily vacation. This was the first year however, that I didn't have another spearo with me to go out to the islands and chase some fish. Man what a pain, the sea was flat, my boat was sitting there and time was running out. I rang up trippey to get some numbers for the Coff Harbour boys and he put me onto their club presso, who in turn gave me a stack of numbers to try. 

After some phone calls I finally had a crew, albeit a young one but hey they were keen and available. Better still they promised to show me a couple of spots I didn't have marked on my GPS...yes things were looking up. Smooth trip out to the cave, I hadn't been there for about fifteen years cause I didn't have the mark. Crank up the GPS to get a location and it wouldn't connect to the satellite...well its only about .... well... maybe 12 years old. Who would think that electronics in the salt air, wouldn't last forever?

We dived the cave, Luke, they young bloke with me gave me fist go at it. No jewies, an awesome ray but that was about it. Great cave though, the b**+$ards have to be in there sometime. The water temp was bad, bout 22, for this time of year and visiblity was crap due to all the fresh water from the nearby river systems. We dived the wash and then onto North Solitary Island. I managed to bag a couple of small kingies and a nice orange bar. Saw a nice GNS though, the monster krept up to within touching distance to my side and scared the hell out of me.  

The next day my darling wife suggested ( after much discussion) that I go into town and get a new GPS. The boys were keen again 2 days later and we again had a similar day. I tagged a small spanish, saw a nice barracuda but couldn't get my gun around quick enough, all in all it was average diving, but I eventually got my new markings for the GPS and I got wet. Isn't that what's important ( I say this to myself only after a forgetable dive).

I caught up with oldtimer Darcy. A spearo from way back, he lives near the boat ramp I use at Arrawarra. He still dives, but he told me that it had been pretty poor diving for the last couple of years in the Coffs area. Water temp is just not getting up there and the water is just too dirty. Seems to me that this situation must change soon and when it does it is gonna be a great season... maybe next year.

Southern Zone Committee for 2010 are as follows_

President            Warren Carter
Vice President     John Schulter
Secretary             Ben Whitaker
Sport sec             Ryan Schulter
Ass Sport Sec      Pual Nemth
Treasurer              Gary Crawford
Safety Officer        Troy Lilliendal &  Dave Davies
Ring Master          Mario Viscardi


2010 Dive Venues : please note there were some changes made at the Dec AGM

February 7th                   Ulladulla

March 13th & 14th           Huskisson - South Coast Champs

April 25th                       Narooma - Far South Coast Champs

May 2nd                         Gunamatta

June 13th                        Eden - 3 Way State Championships

July 4th                           Port Kembla

August 1st                       Huskisson

September 12th                Bellambi

October 10th                     AGM / Kiama

November 7th                    Bendalong

December 5st                    Currarong


November  09 News

Welcome Barra's

For those who have been in the club for a while you will know that we have had a newsletter in years gone by and it was always really popular. I thought the timing was right to get it up & happening again. We have some new members in the club and motivation is high at the moment to promote the club and our sport. So grab a cuppa and read up on the latest.

Presso's Report

The Barracudas have just hosted a spearfishing information day at Bass Point. Some 'old' members will remember these info days as we used to hold them many years ago. This time we put a fresh spin on the day by using the tools currently available to us; The USFA spearfishing booklet; our website, spearoz website; USFA website: media ( the Laketimes picked up our article), fliers around local business and schools. 

This time around it iwas agreed that we need to  nurture any interested spearo's to keep them keen. I ran a short theory workshop within days of the info day and we had 7 attend, a great effort out of the 8 that registered. The ages of those attending ranged from 14 - 40 ish and mostly they were interested in safety issues eg shallow water blackout and sharks. I also covered some practical aspects of spearfishing like correct bouyancy. Then we covered fish species and they were pretty impressed that comp spearos had such a broad knowledge of species.

Next planned is a social dive on 21st November. We will need a couple of members to help with this,maybe provide drinks and hotdogs for when we finish up but also to help answer any questions. We have about 20 lined up to take part in this dive and I reckon around 4 are really keen to start comp diving so we'll probably see them at Currarong.

With the new influx of divers the rock hop category will become very competitive so watch out Higgo, no rest for you this year. We are trying to reinforce that you don't need to be in a boat to compete, many of those newbies we have talked to will need to rock hop, so be supportive and help them out if needed.

 C ya at Currarong if not before, Joe

 other news

Taylor Shield starts it's comp year in February 2010, so give it all you've at Currarong, have a break and get keen to start the full 12 month comp year in February. 2009 comp will be a short 6 month comp year as you know so we'll be having to re-shuffle a few things around to meet the change in the calender, ie club/zone presso's and club AGM.

Our zone presentation could take on a new look in 2010 with USFA keen to have a joint presso for all the zones, we'll have to see what happens.

A new club banner has been purchased and will be proudly displayed at competitions and where ever else we can get our name out there. There are heaps of social spearo's who would love to join a club if they only knew how and where to contact one so we hope to provide that via our new business cards, banner and website. Matter of interest the last 4 new club members all came to us via the club website so it is working.

I'll get some pics up soon

c ya, Mary